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Fireflies in the Dusty Evening

Alluring, Elegant and Neutral, a perfect addition to your entryway, hallway, dining room.  This beautiful cabinet is a unique investment piece to be loved for years to come and then to be passed along as, an heirloom. Regardless of the color scheme, it will fit right in adding a lot of character.  

Another beautiful piece from Nina Lia Design’s workshop.

The gorgeous combination of chalk paint and gold leafing has an everlasting appeal, while creating a relaxed traditional environment.  To stay in the style of this cabinet, I chose French Linen by Dixie Belle Paint Company. Painted 2 coats of French Linen and applied 2 coats of Gator Hide (the durable clear coat by Dixie Belle) to set the canvas for decorative finishes.

Once the top coat dried over night, I started with Gravel Road to darken the low points of wood work in the cabinet. I loaded my chip brush with paint and applied to the carved areas, wiping it off with a wet rag. This took the paint away from high points and left crevices dark and defined. The technique is same as applying glaze to define low points of any carved surface.

Then, I applied raised stencil on the sides using brown Dixie Mud. It can be used for  minor repairs of your furniture and  to create beautiful raised stencils. To give the raised stencil an extra dimension, I kept it uneven. I left it to dry for few days before taking away the sharp edges, if there were any. Once completely dried, it was painted with three colors, Caviar, Gravel Road and Fluff by Dixie Belle Paint.

Now, is the fun time! applying different finishes, glazes, dark waxes, decor waxes…

I started with the black wax, to darken the edges, corners and raised stencil to give it a dusty look. The dusty look of this cabinet has been created with a combination of Gravel Road paint color and black wax. Notice the dark areas in and around the raised stencil. This look has been achieved using Black wax applied with a tiny brush, in and around the stencil. The same has been done to all the nooks and crannies of this cabinet. I took a  small artist brush and applied the black wax, then used a clean brush to smudge it and give it an effect of dark dust sitting in the deep crevices.

 TIP : Layering different products will help you create unique looks, for your refinished furniture.  Always play with your piece and see what makes it unique, beautiful and desirable.

Once, done with the black wax application, I applied the Gold Decor Wax in Eternal by Re.Design by Prima, “My all time favorite”. The color and sheen is just perfect to pop all the details of any carved surface and make it an eye candy. I have used decor waxes in eternal, shiny star and diamond dust  for lattice stenciling.

Highlighted the corners on doors and many other details of this beautiful piece. Spindle rings, applique on the drawer, carvings on the bottom doors, all got a dress up with gold detailing. The result was an eye catching and stunning China Cabinet.

Finally, gold leafing to add a punch line to this otherwise awesome piece.



This beautifully hand painted China Cabinet provide glimpses of lovely old North American craftsmanship which makes this piece even more gorgeous in our present times.

Purely an inspiration from a world around us, hand-painted and refinished with an imaginative mind of an artist.

Nina Lia Design Home Furnishings is furniture decorative and painting company based in Niagara Falls, Ontario and can take painted furniture to the next level with a deft artistic touch.

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